Achieving Resolutions: Healthier Lifestyle

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I just wrote a post (linked here) as the 1st part to this series. It’s basically about fitness and for a better introduction and more info please check it out! Avoiding sugar completely is impossible as pretty much everything we eat has some sort of sugars in. Cooking your food from scratch and eating wholemeal pasta,bread, etc is probably the best food you can give your body but bear in mind, i’m not an expert so please consult a doctor (not google) if you are gonna make any big changes to your diet or have any concerns.

These are some of my tips for eating more healthily and generally having a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy…

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water 232323 blog

As so much of your body is made up of water, drinking the right amount is so important (that and the fact that you’d die without it!) Keeping a water bottle with you most of the time is so useful and really helps you focus in class.  Don’t drink too much, also you might want to check the amount suggested daily for you age.


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Scientific research has shown that fizzy drinks are one of the most unhealthy and sugary fiends when it comes to health. By avoiding them, you are not only helping your teeth out, but the ret of your body too. They also can cause obesity if consumed too often.


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Yep, i wish it wasn’t true, but sugary food and sweets are really not good at all (why cruel world!!!)

It is also proven that consuming excessive amounts of sugar can increase your risk of cancer (but this is only in extreme cases). If you are trying to tone-up a bit like me, try to avoid overly sugary and processed foods, it will help. Also, exercises releases the same positive endorphins (chemicals) in your brain that occur when you eat chocolate or high energy foods.

A balanced diet is the best for your body and don’t feel guilty if you eat sugary stuff as it’s ok every now and again! If you want to check out part 1 then it is also linked here.

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41 thoughts on “Achieving Resolutions: Healthier Lifestyle

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  1. Great post…👍👍 and i too believe that whole wheat bread is the best bread whether you are planning of getting tonned up or not… and water is the first step to loose the extra pounds in your body… and yes it requires lots of motivation and the zeal to workout…. but again great post…

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  2. I hate carbonated drinks and haven’t had any in last 3 years!I dont feel the need o have them, I tell others not to have it either and I m glad my family is drifting away from them as well.. .. Loved your list…

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  3. This is really helpful! Honestly I gave up on resolutions this year cause I know i’m not gonna look at them, but now I’lll try to make a few goals haha XD

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    1. Well actually I am organized and I love goals but I never really accomplish anything with resolutions- especially in the fitness zone. I just gave up I guess, cause i’m not getting anywhere. But i have been drinking more water XD better than the one glass I drank last year.

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