Achieving Resolutions: Fitness

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

To become fitter was one of my top resolutions and i noticed that it appeared on most people’s resolutions blogs as well. This is something i’ve researched a lot as i can be really insecure about how i look. I thought i would share some of the things i do to workout and eat healthier.

This will be a two part post, this one on fitness, and another on healthier eating. If you have any other advice it is always so welcome so please please comment it!!! I’d also say that a bottle of water on hand is key when working out as it gives you an automatic refresh and is good for you!

By posting this, in no way am i trying to imply that everyone should workout and eat healthier. Every person is different and I’m no professional so if you take my advice, please be aware that it might not work for you and that there is probably nothing wrong with your lifestyle, this is just how like to get in my daily exercise.



sworkit 1 blog

SWORKIT is this really useful free app i found (which i think is compatible with android as well as IOS) it gives you options of strength, cardio, yoga and stretching workouts that range in difficulty and you can set your own length. The workout is shuffled each time you do it and even though there is a paid pro option, it really isn’t worth it and just skip making an account as that’s kinda unnecessary too. The free thing setting ranges from 5mins to 1 hour and each workout is described so you know whether it’s right for you. I tend to do a warm-up stretch/warm-up cardio and then the high-intensity cardio workout which every couple of days i add an extra 5 mins onto. You also don’t need ay equipment whatsoever!

Depending on what area of my body i want to workout, i will then either follow with an abs, legs or bath strengthening/stretch. This app also has a exercise glossary so you can check up how to do each exercise safely. (non-spon btw)


I had to scour youtube for ages before i found a good arm workout without equipment (life on a budget!)

This workout is perfect and works out your entire arm. If you do it regularly, you really feel the difference. Check it out here.

(future Georgie, link this plz!)


youtube play button blog

2 Youtube channels i would recommend if you are just starting the whole fitness/workout thing are XHIT and Blogilates.

I guess these would work for guys as well but i wouldn’t really know.


motivation blog.jpg

It may seem cheesy but sometimes, all you need is a bit of motivation.

Whether it’s from a quote board or a fitness motivation collage background, it can really help give you a push and make you remember why you started. Searching up fitness motivation quotes on google doesn’t hurt either.


fitness music blog

As a self-confessed music addict, a good playlist is one of the easiest ways to start to enjoy working out! I just use iTunes but if Spotify works for you then go ahead! Focus on the music and not the leg-ache and it becomes 190% easier!

Hope this helped and i will link the healthy eating post when i get round to writing it!

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