My 2016 Resolutions

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’m pretty terrible at new year’s resolutions but it’s now sealed in pixels so i have no choice! Damn it…

1) Get fitter.

fitness blog

I can get really badly unhappy with how i look. So much that one time i didn’t want to leave the house. I’ve set a kinda fitness schedule up for myself and i’m gradually feeling happier.

2) Be more study focused.

stay focussed blog

Concentrating at school can be really hard for me and i’m always worried that my grades are gonna fall dramatically!

3) Get my splits!

splits actual blog

I’m so nearly there so as soon as i can, you will probably hear first!

4) Keep blogging!

wordpress blog

I love blogging and reading everyone else’s blog so i really want to keep going and improve throughout 2016!

5) Launch my youtube channel…

youtube blog

This will hopefully happen in april so fingers crossed i’m actually ok at it?!

april blog

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment some of your resolutions!

Have an awesome new year!

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34 thoughts on “My 2016 Resolutions

Add yours

  1. Love this post!
    I will be doing a New Year’s Resolutions post hopefully on Saturday.
    I could do the splits on both sides and nearly middle splits too but I’m not allowed to stretch that much at the moment because of some kind of injury sort of thing in my knee 😦 it is ok though,don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt that much.
    Happy New Year!! xx

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      1. Good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck ohhh and one more thing GOOD LUCK!! πŸ˜€


  2. I never do new years resolutions I prefer just to role and do my best at whatever faces me 😝, I can never do them anyway (I did “to eat less chocolate once”, … I would be lying if I said it went well. GOOD LUCKY ON YOURS πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Wow I am impressed you got a lot of resolutions. I just went with one in bettering my diabetes. I had red doritio chips and chocolate milk before I went to bed. Not good for my diabetes but the chocolate milk is crazy tasting good. I hope you accomplish all your resolutions this year!

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      1. Cool I just do walking to the coffee shop and basketball. I bet you guys stay very fit with jogging. I am having a lot of fun today writing a book about time travel going back to 8th grade and changing things and doing things differently. The kids that went to school with me will love it. I am excited about the book.

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