Xmas Photo Comp Entries!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

These are all the entries i recieved for my xmas photo competition. They are all so good and it’s taking me ages to decide on each one! They are in no particular order and i think all of them are great! I’ve also linked the owner’s blogs so be sure to check them out when you can!


ramblingteen28 xmas comp entry

I love how cute and festive this little guy is!!!!!! Super cute and an amazing idea!

Surfie17 (i think, plz be right!!!)

surfie17 xmas comp entry

Amazing picture and it’s so beautiful!!!!!!


topsyturvykid xmas comp entry

(other people commented liking this so i thought i’d just put this one for it to be fair!)

This picture really captures the whole awesomeness of xmas and i love how alive it is!


blog girl xmas comp entry

This photo is so unbelievably festive! And literally makes me feel like it’s xmas all over again!

Good luck to all the entrants and if i’ve missed you out i’m so sorry and i will rectify it immediately!!! If you want me to run more competitions e.g. writing, short stories, photos, then comment below!

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