5 Types of People During Exams

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

As lots of you guys are doing exams in the next few weeks, i thought i’d do a post on the typical cliche people during exams! I generally think everyone is a kinda healthy mix of some of these but the people who are purely one of these can be hellass annoying (wait, is hellass even a word? idk one of my friends said it!)

1) The “I’m really loudly finished” person

i'm finished 1st bloglook at me blog

This is the classic jerk who finishes SUPER early (when i’m still on question 2 of an 100 question paper) and then broadcasts it to the entire room by either waving their hand like their in a bullfight and then “whispering” (shouting) to the teacher that they’ve finished, or muttering loudly to themselves “yay i’m finished” and bumping past everyone’s desk on the way out.

2) The Tapper

tapping fingers blog

This person constantly has a song stuck in their head and will tap it with their pen/pencil for literally the entire exam (sorry this describes me during class, i’m not stupid enough to do it during exams though!). The even more annoying version of this person is when they don’t even tap a rhythm, just random taps. A bit like a 5 legged donkey doing tap lessons!

3) The “I’m gonna ace this even though i didn’t revise”

smug face blog

They are literally the king/queen of smugness. Ok fair enough, maybe they might ace it but honestly they don’t have to shout it that loudly! You really want to batter them by the end of the exam season especially when they take it a step further and say that everyone who revised it stupid (jeez these people!)! We have a few of these people in my year group but the little victory for the rest of us is the evil smugness we can feel when we ace the exam!

4) The Cheat

the cheat blog

You are guaranteed to find them scribbling information on their arms before every exam and attempt at hiding a book on their lap during the exam (they usually fail at that one). They also will lean their chair so close to their neighbours that they might as well be sat on their lap!

5) The “can i borrow?” person

chewed pencil blog

This person is probably the most unorganised person you will ever meet, never seem to bring their own stuff, never lend any of their stuff and yet they try to sponge off everyone else! The worse version of this person is when they never return the stuff you lend them or chew your pencil to bits. ewwwwww…

If you see any of these sorts of people during exam week then comment below and if you like this sort of post and want me to do more then also leave a comment!

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45 thoughts on “5 Types of People During Exams

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  1. OMG, all those sorts of people are IN MY CLASS!!! It’s so annoying: one day at school I wrote 5 x 3 = 5 because one of “the tapper”. Great post BTW! P.S. Yes, I want you to make more of this sort of posts, they’re so relatable!

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  2. This is still especially true in college too! I remember for my finals there was a girl who sat in front of me and the entire time she was tapping her pen against the table during a 2 hour long exam! Ugh it was so horrible.

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  3. You forgot one category which I fit into: the person the finishes and doesnt go back and check their answers because they are over school and want to take a nap. Haha I know that is a long category title but it is self explanatory lol

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