Hiya to whoever is reading this,

(Check it my terrible title skillz)

I feel like I’m on fire right now, and I’m not talking in a cool way! I’ve got such bad cramps right now, that I’m seriously considering moping about like a lazy blob for another day!

It also doesn’t help that I just dropped my phone on my face and my nose will now probably be purple!!! 😱

Anyway, just to help ppl out, these are the things I think help, when I have bad cramps:

1) Hot water bottle 

This helps so much and also can make me fall asleep!

2) Hot Bath

Warm, Lush products and relaxing. Kinda a win-win situation huh?

3)  Drink lots of water

It generally just helps and takes your mind off the cramps!

4) Try stretching the muscles around the place where the pain is. It works and helps release the tension a bit

5) Worst case scenario, take some painkillers and wait for it to end! Painkillers don’t always work for me so I use them as a back up plan

Hope this helped, sorry this probably was a terrible post but hey ho!

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  1. My top tips are get a big cup of tea (and a biscuit or 7) and although it seems like it will make it worse slowly walking around your house can sometimes help. If all that fails then hot bath and never get out

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