Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,


As you can probably tell (if you read the title) that i’ve been nominated for the sunshine blogger award!! I was nominated by an awesome blogger called Dziey who is an amazing blogger and is so supportive and just generally cool beans!


1) Thank the person that nominated you (thx Dziey)

2) answer 11 questions from your nominator

3) Nominate 11 more awesome ppl and give them 11 questions! (soz guys)


Major thing your afraid of?

Not doing the right thing in a deadly situation

One thing i wanna do before i die?

Finish this post! Seriously? ummm,…. ooo! Do a skydive!!!

If you had to choose between becoming a famous celeb or unknown blogger, what would you be?

Probably the celeb as was an unknown blogger for ages and if i was famous i could promote everyone else’s blog!!!

Worst Trait?

Constantly sarcastic

A thing you would never do in a  million years?

Give up sarcasm

Become an actor or a writer?

Actor all the way!!!

Main aim of your blog?

To make people laugh and feel good after reading it!

Why did you start blogging?

I needed to do something that meant i could express myself and gave me something to work towards

Would you rather become a 2 faced or blunt person?

Neither! And if i did i’d have to get someone to slap me back to my senses!

Something your thankful for?

All my followers!!!!

A day you would relive?

None, if you think about the past too much, you forget about the future!


1) A Blissful Life

2) Xanziepan

3) 3littlebirds

4) An Adventurous Potato that rides  unicorn while eating fries

5) theambivert123

6) kezziescorner

7) fitbit

8) parisianpages

9) surfie17

10) nerdygirl222

11) Reine

Thx for surviving this far and congratz to everyone nominated!!!

Feel free to like comment and subscribe! Merry xmas!!!! (ish)





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