How to: Confident in a leotard

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Not many of you guys will know this, but i’m a ballet dancer. I’ve done it since i was 2 and i’m now grade 6!

ballet blog(not me, i can’t do that!)

Consequently, i’ve had to wear a leotard which is not always incredibly fun for someone who feels uncomfortable about how they look!

This post aims to help you if you can feel uncomfortable in gym at school or just generally wearing different outfits!


– wear a jumper

hoodie blog

This may seem obvious but if your ballet school, gym club or school lets you wear a jumper, then do it! You’ll feel snuggly and not as exposed (win win situation!)

– don’t eat/drink sugar stuff or junk food the day you have to wear the leotard/uncomfortable stuff as it will help you feel just a little bit more confident!

junk food

– don’t tell yourself that you look bad

you look great blog

It doesn’t help anything and you’re better off acknowledging the fact that you are fine the way you are

– do everything you think will work to make you feel better e.g. use concealer, use your favourite perfume, eat your favourite meal before…

mua concealer blog

– don’t eat a really heavy meal before having to wear it

largest burger blog

You’ll just feel really bloated and it really won’t help but THIS DOES NOT MEAN IN ANY WAY DON’T EAT but just don’t overeat or eat a really big big big meal

– if it’s an outfit, when you feel really happy and have some spare time, try it on so you get used to wearing it

look at me blog

– finally, you have no need to feel unhappy about your appearance and embrace what you look like

Hope this helped and if you want me to do more of this sort of thing then feel free to comment, like and subscribe!






25 thoughts on “How to: Confident in a leotard

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  1. Hey, I just found your blog today! I came over from Diversion3000. I do ballet too, and this post is just so very necessary! Thank you for writing this. Seriously man, more people should read it. All the props to you. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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  2. Thanks for posting this, I do gymnastics all the time and my leotard is really revealing XD.
    But 1. What if your favourite meal is unhealthy XD and 2. I’m not allowed to wear jumpers 😭

    ~R xx

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