DIY Candy Canes Decorations!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I visited the local craft shop in November and bought some stripy pipe cleaners that I thought would look really nice with my other Xmas room decorations!  

This is how I made the candy cane chain and if you make one then please comment a pic!

1) I cut each pipe cleaner into 3 equal pieces (I only accidently dropped the scissors on my foot once! Ow!!!)

2) Curve the top over to create a candy cane shape (it doesn’t have to be equal, mine certainly weren’t)

3) tie each candy cane to a piece of string. I dug through our wrapping draw for about 1/2 an hour before I found 2 pieces that were long enough and looked like a candy cane itself!

4) hang it up and instantly festive up your room!!!

I’m quite tired so my writing may not be as good as usual!

P.s you could use a pic of these to enter the comp!!!

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