Berlin Xmas Haul!

Hiya to whoever is reading this, 

I haven’t done a haul before so this may be pretty bog standard!

I got these from this shop called “Butler” that I found in the Berlin mall near us and I’m gonna decorate my room for Xmas with  them! (An Xmas decor post maybe in the planning! 😜)

Enjoy, and if you want more of this sort of post then comment below!

1) Red and white Star Lantern!

I couldn’t really take a pic of the one I bought as I need it to stay compact for the journey back to London but my one is kinda stripy and has little holes in!

2) Hanging Santa Hat!

This basically hangs from your ceiling (well duh Georgie!) and looks like you really put effort into your room and didn’t just unfold it from it’s packaging!

3) Candy Cane Hanging Pouch!

I just thought this looked really cute and festive and meant that yummy peppermint treats would never be too far away!!!

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14 thoughts on “Berlin Xmas Haul!

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  1. Just read your posts, YOUR BLOG IS SO GOOD 💟, I haven’t got an account and I’m not sure how to. If you are stuck for ideas could you maybe do instructions on how to get an account! Really want to follow you and I’m sure I’m not the only one! 😜 You may gain a couple of followers!

    Also you have inspired me to get my own blog as your followers are so nice and your blogs so good I thought I might give it a try!

    Please respond!!! 💟

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wow!
      Thx so much!!!!
      I’ll follow you back right away!
      Good luck with your blog and it’s so rewarding and even if it doesn’t take off right away, don’t worry and keep going!
      I had this blog around 3 months before it really took off!
      Good luck and thx again!

      Liked by 1 person

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