Berlin Trip p3

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

My feet are literally killing me! My parents made me walk for over 5 FLIPPING MILES without sitting down!!!!

And we got lost  5 times so 😁

Anyway, we visited the Jewish Museum as it’s quite connected to my family  (I’m not Jewish, my mum’s side of the family really is though!). It was pretty interesting and I LOVED the whole thought and meaning behind the architecture!

We then showed Berlin our knack for getting lost and but finally reached the Holocaust monument and the museum under it. 

I didn’t realise quite how devastating and disastrous the Holocaust and it was shocking but also moving to read the last words of girls younger than me.

The monument was striking and give me half and hour and I would definitely  be lost in there!

We also visited another Xmas market and it had AWESOME XMAS LIGHTS!!! We also bought some sweet pecans and they taste great, other than the odd one that tastes like beeswax! EWWWWWW!

Anyway, hopefully you’re all enjoying Xmas break!!! I certainly am!!!

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