Top 5 Travel Tips

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

As you may know, I jetted off to Berlin today (WOop! WOop!!) which obvs involved packing, weight limit and bag size limit.


As I can find packing and general travel kinda stressful so these are either tips I’ve figured out myself or researched online!

1) If you are taking cotton wool, roll it into small balls

I got my ears pierced about a a week ago (cue music) so need to clean them daily. I use cotton wool to put the lotion on so I needed to take a lot, & just found that rolling them made it more compact!

2) make lists!!!!!

(Don’t really think a pic is needed for this 😄)

Check lists are so useful, especially making sure you take all your stuff home again!!!!

3) Roll don’t fold!

Rolling your clothes keeps them neat and makes so much more space in your bag!!!!

4) press your ears in during take-off and landing as it stops them being affected by the pressure!

This helps me so much and means I don’t have to pop them!


Travel is meant to be fun not stressful so enjoy it all whilst it lasts!

Hope this helped!

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