You could say I’m a dreamer…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Soz for the terrible title, it just made me laugh, it’s really not funny is it.

Meh, can’t be bothered to change it!

Anyway, I think I said before, but I’m a Lucid dreamer, meaning I can control my dreams! The problem is, i also have incredibly vivid dreams. This combination can lead to disastrous dreams that make me feel like I’m actually awake (which confuses me more than maths and Latin homework!)

The great thing is though, if I’m having a good dream, then it makes it feel like real life. But if it’s a bad dream (so basically a nightmare)

It is like being trapped in my head where I can’t wake up!!!!

Some of my bad dreams are kinda wierd (ahem Sprangout the wolf, really Georgie) and can get very violent (I also feel pain in my dreams so ow for the record!)

But my good dreams are the sort of places you want to hide away in for all eternity, constantly replaying the moment!

Anyway, I’m tired so this post could be 💩 but hey ho!

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