Dziey’s 5 Day Challenge Day 5

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’m so sorry i didn’t post yesterday! I was super busy and completely ran out of time (and i had an essay due).

Anyway, i’m so sad this challenge is come to an end! I was really getting into the whole, following a set structure for each day, it was easier to come up with ideas!!!

Thanks to Dziey for coming up with this awesome idea and you should really go check Dziey out if you haven’t already!


Ok, well this doesn’t really apply to me as much as i don’t get the time to watch too much TV and i’m not one of those girls who has a TV in their room or anything! (for once not being sarcastic here, it’s true!)

If i’ve become addicted to anything, it’s probably youtube!

I just love the fact that you an watch whatever random stuff comes up and you get lots of really funny clips on something totally unique!

I also like watching the kinda main Youtubers and channels that are just staring out! So if you want me to check out your channel, then link it in the comments below…

(for the people who didn’t know, i’m starting my Youtube channel in april!) (Yayayayayayayaayyyayayay)

Anyway, i will have way more time to blog properly in the next few weeks and i’m going to Berlin next week so expect some exciting Berlin themed blogs!!!

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11 thoughts on “Dziey’s 5 Day Challenge Day 5

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  1. Ha! Loved it! Also I gotta agree with you on that YouTube and I even have a TV in my room. But there’s one show that I really am addicted to, The Walking Dead! But it’s on a mid season break 😀

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