Dziey’s 5 Day Challenge – Day 4

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’m kinda sad it’s getting to the end of this 5 day challenge, but hopefully Dziey will create another one soon!!!

(no pressure or anything bc you said you had exams, but in the new year maybe?!)

I was planning to do this post anyway but at least it means i am definitely not gonna procrastinate over it or anything (oops…)

Day 4 – The worst things about myself

Oookay, if you know me offline, then you will probably be writing the words of shakespeare in the comments about how this is definitely what i do, so soz if this has annoyed you in the past!!!

1) I tap, a lot.

This is one of my dad’s pet peeves, but i have a habit of either drumming on the table with my fingers or tapping with my feet for hours on end, and because the song is in my head, everyone else is just listening to random and also slightly dementing taps that mean absolutely nothing to them!

Trust me, it makes sense in my head! Just about!

tapping fingers blog


2) If you have noticed that i’ve not said anything in the conversation for a while, it’s probably because i’ve zonked out a little bit and put my headphones back in!!!! I’m sorry but when i’m bored, i need music. This also leads onto number 3, my constant singing.

3) I sing, most of the time.

i heart singing blog

Yeah, i like music and permanently have a song stuck in my head, this means that i will sing it either quietly (during lessons) or loudly at breaks, this is usually accompanied by random and slightly dramatic dance moves!!! At the moment i have “I know what you did last summer” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello stuck in my heads, so classmates, expect that floating from the back of the class for the next few weeks!!!

4) I’m a very random person.

random blog

I will be talking about something then suddenly change subject onto something that’s not connected at all or come up behind you and do a really random noise and make you jump like 50 feet into the air!


(probably why it takes me so long to write posts as i always have to proof read them about 6 times and edit  about 1/2 of it!!!)

5) This is more of a personal thing that only effects me but i feel really guilty for absolutely nothing. For example, i’ll be drifting off to sleep and suddenly my mind will BOMBARD me with all the cringey mistakes i made about 8 years ago!!!!

guilty pug blog

Yeah, my parents wonder why i find it hard to sleep!

Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoy this and please don’t throw anything at me!!! Also, shoutout to nerdygirl222 , she’s going through a hard time at the moment so show her some support and follow her, you have no idea how great it feels when your having a hard time and you see all the support from subscribers!!! Thx so much!

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