Blogger Recognition Award!!!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Blimey! 2 awards in one day!!!

and i’m blushing again!!!

I was Nominated by Sincerely Reine along with other awesome bloggers (check out the post here)



1) Thank whoever nominated you and link their blog – check!

2) Write an acceptance post and link it! – check!

3) Brief story of how your blog started – check!

4) a piece of advice to new bloggers – check!

5) nominate 10 other awesome beings! – check!



I was having a hard time coping with the death of my Grandad and i had changed quite a few things about my life as a result. I wanted to start a blog as a way of expressing those changes and helping me come to terms with the hard months and years ahead!

I literally shook of hours after i posted my 1st post, which i will probably look back on in the future and cringe hugely about!!!

(it’s how the internet works!!!)



Keep going! No matter if you don’t have many followers yet or if you are getting bullied for it! Keep blogging and liking and commenting on other people’s blog and you will get noticed! Embrace the challenge and use it as a way to rant your feeling to a group of unassuming internet bloggers like yourself!!

Soz, i had to!



1) LyfWithEm

2) hideawaygirl

3) hiitsissy

4) BlogGirl

5) fitbit

6) Littlemissinvisible

7) happyalexx

8) surfie17

9) parisanpages

10) maddie1paige


Thx so much to everyone!!!

Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!







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