My Winter Must-Haves!!!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

As the weather is getting colder (WOop WOop!) i’ve been finding that i use these item so much more and loving using them!

I’ve tried to make it so you would enjoy this post if you are a boy or girl but if you don’t then sorry and i’ll try to upload something better for everyone tomorrow!

Btw, if it is a really random number of items then it’s because i literally wasn’t paying attention to the numbers but hey ho!

1) Hand warmers

hand warmer's blog

I find these so useful in the winter especially because i’m a pianist and my hands are usually blocks of ice when i get to my lesson!

Re-usable ones are basically little pouches filled with gel that when the metal disk inside it is clicked, it starts to heat up and form a solid crystal whilst giving off heat!

If you have used them and want to de-crystalise them then just wrap them in a cloth and put them in a pan of very warm water until the crystals turn back into a liquid that you can then use again.

Mine are little eskimos but i can’t find a pic of them on the web but i’ll include a pic from google (as usual)!

2) Slipper Socks (as festive as possible!)

slipper socks blog

My feet get cold really fast when i’m watching TV or relaxing in winter and i absolutely luv slipping my feet into warm cosy slipper socks!!!!

3) LUSH Bath Products!!!

lush bath bombs blog.jpg

Like most people, i luv LUSH!!!

I find that after a really stressful day at school, a fragrant LUSH bath is the perfect thing for me to relax with, it also makes me feel like i’m in one big hug (my auntie calls me Snuggle for a reason!)!!!

As i do a lot of sport, my muscles can hurt and be quite tense but LUSH baths always seem to calm them down a bit!

I really love the bath bombs and bubble bars so be sure to pick one up next time you visit Oxford Street!

3) Water

water blog

Now this may seem stupid and you are probably sitting at you screen literally bashing your head against a wall and saying “well duh” and “well done sherlock!” but i find i can get a few more spots than usual in the winter so water is key to stay hydrated and avoid annoying, unnecessary mountain ranges!

4) Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

8 hour cream blog.jpg

This product has been literally a life-saver for me as i can get really badly chapped and cracked lips! Even though it can be slightly pricey, a little bit goes a long way and it really smooths out and moisturises skin nicely!!!

5) A well stocked iTunes playlist!!!

itunes blog.jpg

Yeah, as you’ve probably guessed, i’m a bit of a music addict and i literally can spend hours curled up in a pile of cushions with my headphones and my duvet with my various playlists on shuffle!

Also if any of my friends are reading this and confused with what to get me for xmas, iTunes cards are gr8!!!!

6) Onesi

lemur onesie

In the coldest part of winter, my mum and i literally live in our onesies!!!

(even my dad has one!!!)

Mine is the New Look 915 Generation black and white spotted one.


If you have it then feel free to totally twin out with me bc yeah, the snuggliness should be shared!!!!

7) A good ol’ pair of boots!!!

(i could’t find a pic = ( 

As with most of my fave clothes, mine are from New Look 915 Generation and i literally have repurchased them for two years whenever i need new ones! I love them and hopefully i can find a pic!!!


And yes, of course i ended on a random number!!!!

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P.s. COMP countdown: 17 days….



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