Dziey’s 5 Day Challenge – Day 3

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

This is my 3rd entry for Dziey’s awesome 5 day challenge, if you haven’t already, you guys should definitely heck it out and leave a link in the comments so i can check yours out!!!

I kinda wanna tour the entire world when i’m older but these are some of the places that i either wanna go to the most or kinda need to go to!!!

Please don’t get offended if i don’t mention your country and feel free to suggest any others that i could put on my list!!!

DAY 3 – 3 places you wanna visit:

1) I really wanna visit America as i’ve said before seeing as there is a lot of cool stuff in America (especially the cities!!!!), it snows!!!!, and i can get a gr8 tan if i’m over there in the summer (hopefully bc england is pretty bad on the tanning front!!!)!

america pic blog

I also really want to retrace my mum’s footsteps and visit the original Ben and Jerry’s shop in San Francisco bc Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream is awesome and it takes 99.9% of my self-control not to eat it every second, of every day!!!

ben and jerry's blog

2) Canada; the snow, the skiing (wait you can ski in canada right?), the maple syrup and the sun bc i need more sun in my life right now!!!

canada blog

3) Umm, i guess this may sound strange but i kinda need to go to Norway.


I have a good friend who lives there and i Skype him whenever i can but we haven’t spoken properly face to face for about 2 years now as i met him whilst i was on holiday

norway blog

(and before the comments all say “oooooo she gotta boyfriend!”


Just clearing that little sticky area up.

Just so you know.

Ok i’ll shut up now!

Anyway, hopefully this is ok (Dziey, did i do it right?) and please feel free to comment, like and subscribe!!!



P.s. if people could suggest prize ideas for the photo comp, it would be much appreciated!!!

COMP COUNTDOWN: 17 days…..


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