Dziey’s Challenge Day 2

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

As you may know, i’m participating in Dziey’s 5 day challenge, so yeah, this is my entry for day 2:

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:

1) I need to blog


2) I’m tired/bored

tired dog blogbored blog

3) What did the teacher just say? ’cause i wasn’t listening

what did the teacher say? blog

4) Ugh, i need to move my lazy butt and exercise (the daily struggle)

lazy cat blog

5) I feel fat : (

6) why am i doing this again?

7) Lol that was funny, wait, what was it again. Damn i forgot, i was gonna use that one

lol you funny cat blog

Anyway, hoped you enjoyed and if you haven’t already, remember to enter my xmas photo competition!!!! (please!!!) (with sprinkles) (and a cherry on top!)

Feel free to like, comment and subscribe!!!




P.s. I now have a blog email for comp entries, questions, etc.

Not that i think you guys would but please don’t send me spam or anything inappropriate!!!


comp countdown: 18 days….


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