Dziey’s Challenge Day 1

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

A blogger (who is awesome) called Dziey, set a 5 day challenge on their blog, this is day one for me and I’ll post each day as well as my usual blog posts!!!

This is a great idea and Dziey is a gr8 blogger so please do the challenge with me and follow Dziey whilst your at it!

The day 1 challenge is 

“3 things you want to say to different people”

Hmmm, OK

1) this is to my best friends:

Hiya, you guys literally keep me going. Through all the bad times and the times where I’m sat awake at 3am finishing an essay for the next day! The memories we have shared together I really cherish and during the holidays, I really miss you guys.
2) to my future self

Keep going

Laugh hard

Dream big and achieve it

3) to my followers 

Thank you so much!!!!

You guys are literally one of the only reasons I get up in the morning  (& the fact I’m hungry 😂)

I really hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

Hope that’s right Dziey!!!

Please like, comment and subscribe to me and Dziey!!!!




26 thoughts on “Dziey’s Challenge Day 1

Add yours

      1. Honestly everyone who would have opened the blog would have left by now by looking at our this long conversation! 😂


      2. Nawww!! Please don’t ever think that! Just look at me! Commenting on every single body’s blog and annoying the hell outta them and feeling no shame what so ever 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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