DIY xmas gift ideas

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I am finding it quite hard to afford gifts for all of my friends this year so these are my top 5 DIY xmas gift ideas! These aren’t in any particular order and are either some i’ve tried myself and they’ve worked or ones i saw online and thought “yeah they sound pretty good!”

If you’ve tried any of these then please comment or link them to this post!


5) Hot Chocolate Jar

This is a really kinda cute winter warmer that is adorable and screams TUMBLR!

Basically add all of the dry ingredients that you put into a hot chocolate into a cute bottle or mason jar and decorate!!!

diy hot choc in jar blog

4) Friendship Scrapbook

This is an adorable thing to get a close friend or family member especially if you’ve known them a long time!

Get a scrapbook of your choice (the WhSmiths and Paperchase ones are quite nice) and fill it with pictures and memories that you and your friend have shared together! The more stickers and glitter the better if your that sort of person!

diy friend scrapbook blog

3) Beauty/Sweets Box/Bag

This is perfect for that one friend who is obsessed with beauty products or the friend who LOVES sweets!

Beauty bag: Get a small (or big)cosmetics bag and fill it with different beauty products (small travel sized ones are really cute) and perfume samples that your friend already likes or you think they should try!

Sweet Box: Get a big, No HUGE box/hamper and fill it with your friend’s fave sweet treats. With this is might be quite nice to bake some yourself but be warned, stale biscuits aren’t great gifts!!!

sweet box blogbeauty bag blog

2) DIY Body Sugar Scrub

If friend is alway complaining about their skin then this is a great gift for them!

1) Put some nourishing oil (e.g. coconut oil, olive oil) in a bowl and microwave on HIGH for about 15-25 seconds until softened (obvs don’t do this to olive oil)

2) ย add sugar to the oil and any colouring or flavoured extracts you like!

3) Mix these together until is all an even colour. If the mixture is too wet, add more sugar and if it’s too dry add a touch more oil.

4) Spoon scrub into airtight container and decorate!

body sugar scrub blog

1) DIY Lipbalm

1) Put a tablespoon of petroleum jelly (or Vaseline) in a microwavable bowl and microwave gently for 1/2 a minute to soften it

2) Put a teaspoon of hot water into a bowl. Mix in some raspberry/strawberry flavoured powdered drink mix, a bit at a time until it stops dissolving in the water.

3) Mix the coloured water to the melted petroleum jelly until you get the colour you want

4) Pour the mixture into a small, clean pot and let it cool. Then feel free to decorate however you like!!!

diy lipbalm blog


Hopefully I helped make xmas a little easier!

Please comment any other ideas and don’t forget to like and follow as it really makes my day!!!






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