The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!!!!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Omg, thank you too much Elm!!!!!

I can’t think you guys enough for making this happen and here’s to many more GeorgieGrl posts in the future!!!

The LONDON TWINNING/TRIPLETTING/QUADRUPLETTING awesome Elm nominated me for this so please check Elm out ( ) for an awesome array of epic blogs!!!!

Also check out the other blogs i nominate!!!! (they’re gr8 too!)

The Rules:

(this is Elm’s adaptation btw)

  1. Display the award on the blog (any help with this would be greatly valued!!!!)
  2. Celebrate your win by writing a post about it and link to your nominator.
  3. Nominate 6 deserving bloggers for this award
  4. Link to your nominees!!!
  5. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself!


Interesting facts about moi!

  1. I’m a lucid dreamer, meaning i can control my dreams and make decisions during them. Apparently only 1 out of every 100,000 people in the USA can do this so that counts as interesting right?!
  2. I write songs as a hobby and i’m currently working on finishing one! (more on this in another post) ; )
  3. I have a scar in the top centre of my forehead and it can sometimes hurt

( guys don’t worry, i’m not being possessed by Voldemort)

(or am I)


blog evil emoji

4. I got shingles a few years ago and it still hasn’t properly gone so occasionally i still get the shingle spots that can really really hurt like hell!

(luckily they’re not contagious tho, but they do kill adults)

5. (this was when Georgie realised that she had no idea what to write (yay) Β When i was little, i had a white fake fur coat and pink strap on sunglasses that i used to wear EVERYWHERE (cringey right!) and the butcher used to give me free sausages and say “there’s a superstar in the shop”


6. I’m so badly allergic to cats (even though i love them) that my eyes swell shut and my breathing gets wheezy if i stay near one without medication for too long

7. I prefer pebble beaches to sand beaches!

(soz! Plz don’t throw things at me!!!)


Who I Nominate:

  • LyfWithEm – awesome blogger, great ideas and LONDON TWINNING!!! ( LyfWithEm )
  • Dziey Β – so kind and supportive!!! All round awesome person and makes my day so much brighter! ( dziey )
  • hideawaygirl – amazing blogging quality, great ideas and always comments nice things! ( Hideaway girl )
  • BlogGirl – great blog ( bloggirl247 )
  • SincerelyReine – nice writing style and interesting and relatable ideas ( SincerelyReine )
  • Lora – listens to AWESOME music!!! (not sure on link)


Thx to everyone who nominated me for this and congrats to the other bloggers getting this!!!

Soz but i’m not sure how to link things (soz for bros, i’m new to using a mac ok)





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