Body Confidence

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

This is quite a personal thing to me as recently i’ve been very uncomfortable about the way i look.

Especially when i’m feeling low, i’ll look in the mirror and think that I’m horribly fat (not that there’s a problem with that in any way or discrimination). And i know it’s probably not true, but a thousand people can tell you but it will never feel real until you feel it yourself.

This made me change the way i live in a few different ways and it just helps me to feel much more comfortable and happy in myself.

I think body confidence is so important, especially in the online world of social media where we constantly feel judged on our appearance etc. It also is so important to eat healthily and exercise enough, but that’s another topic.

Body confidence isn’t about becoming magically thin or curvy overnight, it’s about feeling happy in the body you have and if your worried, seeking help. Feeling confident in the way you makes all the difference and honestly whenever you think that you hate the way you look, think back to a memory where you felt really happy in a particular outfit or wear comfortable clothes that don’t need to go on instagram or be dressed up to impress anyone (crushes, yes you stress us girls out)

Every once in awhile, if you feel bad about the way you look, put on an outfit that’s just for comfort, don’t bother with make-up and wear whatever makes you happy, because if you feel comfortable and confident in the way you look then whatever anyone else says shouldn’t change that.

Hope this helped somebody out there and if you want me to do more things like this then comment a suggestion!

Please like, comment and subscribe and if you have any body confidence tips or tried wearing stuff just for yourself and feeling really comfortable for a day then comment your experience below!





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  1. Hey you – I think you’re really inspiring, especially to someone like me. I have issues with body confidence – not all the time, but they’re there. I’d say, test yourself: slowly start to dress for YOURSELF, no matter if it might look strange. You’re you and no one can judge you for it.

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