25 Facts about me…

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Seeing as not many of you guys know me that well, i thought i would post a list of kinda basic facts about me.


1) My initials are GDG

2) My birthday is the 29th of April (so yes i am a taurus)taurus pic blog

*Telepathically twinning with all the taurus’ out there!!!*

3) My birthstone is a diamond, but i’m still waiting for prince charming to arrive at my door with any sort of diamond jewellery (honestly lazy princes these days idk)

diamond blog

4) I have a strange love affair with coconut yoghurt (by Rachel’s) (trust me, it’s awesome)

rachel's coconut yog

5) My 1st pet was a ladybug called Lady (no surprises)

(damn Georgie, always so original with names)

6) I’m grade 6 singing and grade 6 piano

blog singing kid
Jk, i don’t look like that : )

7) Before i was one year old, my mum dropped me on my head in a concrete car park. Fractured my skull and got bad concussion. Thanks Mum! (i luv you really though) (well most of the time anyway)

8) I go to an all girl’s school so any guy advice is always welcome! XD

9) My fave colour is red

red blog

*cue Taylor Swift song* (and album)

taylor swift red blog

10) My fave shop is New Look 915 Generation (so basically teens)

11) I have never been a bridesmaid (or flower girl) : (

12) I have had 2 hamsters in my time, my first one was called Marshmello (spelt weirdly) and bit everybody, i still have scars. He also nearly completely digested my dad’s sock (and half a rug)! My 2nd hamster was really cute and friendly and was called Scrabbles. He only died a few months ago and i still miss him!

13) I’m not really a dog or cat person bc i really like both! (please don’t throw anything at me)

14) I’m a Londoner. Always have been, always will be!

london blog

*Telepathically twinning with all the Londoners out there*

*Realising i do a lot of telepathic twinning*

*oh well*

15) I love converse!!!!! (don’t actually own any right now so shoe store here i come!)

red converse

16) I love winter!!!!

xmas, hot chocolate, snuggly stuff, xmas (damn i already said that but can’t be bothered to change it!) (and i luv it anyway) and awesome xmas movies!!!

17) One of my best memories of being little is throwing my solid buzz light-year toy over the banister of the stairs in our house and it landing on my dad’s head

(soz dad)

18) I have never broken any limbs!

*touches wooden desk to make sure it isn’t jinxed*

19) I still struggle to spell “weirdly” (well thx autocorrect for changing that)

20) I’m officially an apple person (sorry to all the blackberry lovers but i’m Β apple all the way)

21) I have never dyed my hair

dyed hair blog

22) I got to sing solo in a concert at a famous hotel in London and i literally have not felt so much stage-fright ever since

23) My dad and i are literally the dream-team when it comes to snowball fight (so ya better watch out if you live near me!)

24) I had never been trick or treating before this year!!!

25) I went on my first rollercoaster this year and it was at one of the most terrifying parks in the UK – Thrope Park

thorpe park blog

and yes i went on Saw the Ride and it was thrilling but Nemesis Inferno was best!!!

Anyway, if you survived to here then comment “blummin ‘eck that was long!”!

Please like, comment and subscribe and tell me one awesome fact about yourself in the comments and if you have been to thorpe park, what your favourite ride was!!!





44 thoughts on “25 Facts about me…

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      1. Imagine if we actually went to the same school, or went to the same club or something after school, or knew each other. How strange would that be? I’ve often wondered that, and whether it’s possible to get to know someone online and turn out it’s possible. Of course it’s not true, but I do wonder!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. That would be terrifying and amazing πŸ™‚ I live somewhere near West London – OHHH my geography.
        I get so scared sometimes that someone I know will find my blog and they ALSO have an anonymous blog.

        Liked by 2 people

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