Shakespeare Schools Festival

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Recently I took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival which i basically here each school that takes part gets a simplified version of one of Shakespeare’s plays that they then rehearse for two months before performing it in a theatre in front of three other schools and whoever else (e.g. parents and families) that are in the audience.

My school did Titus Andronicus which is pretty bloody and rather gruesome, for example two people get baked in a pie and then fed to their mother. Joyful.

Luckily though we got given really nice cherry pies to substitute the blood red of flesh pie and the members of the audience who had received a pie were kinda grossed out when it was revealed what was meant to be in the pie.

Our teacher made the play kinda modern so we were all wearing hoodies and gangsta chains (weird right!).

Anyway, I’ll try and blog more regularly and please like, comment, subscribe and share!





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