What is pretty?

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

To some people this my sound a bit wierd, but what is pretty? I know it means to be beautiful or attractive but it’s kinda stupid that one of the first things that you judge about a person is how they look.

I don’t think this is fair as it puts a lot of pressure on people to look or behave in a certain way when in fact what should really matter is how their personality or how they are as a person.

And also, what makes a person pretty? The colour of their eyes? The colour of their hair? Their clothes? The definition of “pretty” changes for each person and what may be attractive to one individual may be completely the opposite to someone else.

Pretty for me refers to someone’s personality and how they are to spend time with as I’m sure many people would say, it is much better to be good inside than pretty outside.

All in all, I think that the word pretty should be only used to describe someone’s personality instead of their physical appearance, but do you agree?

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