Best 19 excuses for being late to class

Hiya to whoever is reading this,Like most people, I have been late to class a fair few times. This is a list of my best excuses for being late to class. 


1) I have been sworn to secrecy by the government 

2) someone told me to go to hell, couldn’t find it at first but now I have.

3) there weren’t any free parking spaces for my unicorn 

4) my parents lost the key to my cage

5) I was abducted by aliens for experimental purposes. I have been gone fifty years but fortunately in earth time it was only an hour!

6) I had a vision of the future and j saw I got straight A*’s so I thought I’d take it easy from now on.

7) I had a dream I could shoot fire from my hands and so I didn’t want to frighten my classmates.

8) I woke up looking as hot as hell and I thought my beauty would blind everyone

9) I got locked in my locker by a hairy yeti

10) I’m not late, everyone else is early!!!

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