Short Story Competition Entry

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

A competition was launched at my school a couple of weeks ago that involved writing a kinda history/classics (yep we are one of the only schools still learning a stupid language that no-one speaks!) story. My dad said I had to enter, so this is my entry. Enjoy…

I stumbled out of the Tempore 5000, as confused as a bear in the arena. I was oblivious to my whereabouts, but one thing I knew for certain, I wasn’t home. Rotating on the spot, I checked my detector, searching for any clues that would divulge what time period I was in. My best guess was around 61 AD, roman Britannia. My only way home was the Tempore 5000, a so far reliable vessel, which now needed vital repairs. Hopefully I would be able to patch up the damage quickly enough, but the inky sky and torrential rain would put off any repairs tonight. Up ahead were a clump of bloodstained, hide tents that appeared deserted, though the faint flickers of a contained fire swam up the propped up walls.

I was creeping past the heart of the camp when I saw her. Illuminated by the beams of the ghostly moon, her pale skin appeared almost spectral in the eerie light. She was perched on an overturned log, slowly being soaked in the midnight rain. But the rain was not the only culprit to her damp face; a steady flow of tears engraved estuaries into her cheeks. She appeared to be alone, but even so I approached with caution, my converse squelching on the muddy grass.

“Excuse me?” I asked. The woman spun round, snapping out of her reverie. She seemed mystified by my appearance, especially my black, skinny jeans and tight jacket. She spoke;

“Who are you?” The strength in her voice surprised me, my hand edging towards my dagger, a hard-earned souvenir from my time in ancient Greece.

“I said who are you?” she leapt forward, brandishing a leather wrapped spear, wearing a face as hard as stone. My hand tightened around my dagger, ready to defend myself.

“I’m from a time far in the future.” Great, now I sounded like a massive threat. “I come in peace. I’m trying to get back to my time period. I didn’t mean to crash land in your field. Please, I’m only young and I need to return home to my family.” With my final words, the woman’s face relaxed; a rapid change from a ferocious tiger, to a normal human. She seemed to empathise with the pain that surfaces when missing loved ones.

“I am Boudicca, the queen of these regions, or I was until the Roman’s fought back. My army has been obliterated and I am left to face the consequences. I will not allow myself to be captured by those barbaric warriors. I have lost my daughters, my home and my people, but I will not lose my dignity at the hands of those invading foreigners.” Boudicca sighed and collapsed onto the trunk. “My warriors are fighting a long lost battle. I cannot join them to their deaths but it seems the end is near for me too. I… I” Boudicca sobbed. Glistening tears trickled down her cheek. I waited, unsure of what to do next. Who was I to comfort an Iceni Queen?

“Boudicca, in the time where I come from, you are famous, the romans are gone and we Britons rule ourselves. From the land of the Picts in the North, to the southern lands of the Cantii, we are united as a single nation. Your legacy lives on and a statue of you is outside our main political centre in London. And whenever people think of the romans, they think of the brave Iceni warriors and their ferocious queen who fought heroically against the romans and your name lives on for thousands of years.”

With these words, Boudicca’s face lifted from her wet hands,

“You have given me strength, in a time when it seemed that none was to be found. How can I repay you for your kind deed?” she asked.

“As you know,” I replied, “I am from another time, and I used a complex machine to get here. Unfortunately, when I crash landed in your field, the impact damaged parts of it. The repairs are minor but they can’t be carried out in a rain storm such as this. If there was a small canopy or tent of some sort that we could cover my machine with whilst I repair it, I would be incredibly grateful.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Boudicca disappeared into the main tent and returned a few moments later with a wealth of hide, perfect for the sort of cover required. We staggered back to the Tempore 5000, sharing the weight of the colossal canopy between us. After a couple of tries, we managed to throw the sheet over the time machine and divert the relentless force of the storm, away from the delicate electrical wires that formed my sturdy contraption. As I worked, Boudicca told me stories of wode hewed warriors, fighting with brute force against numerous enemies. She painted landscapes of luscious green grass and deep sweeping valleys, dotted with rich forests and succulent hunting grounds in my head, and it seemed that in no time at all, the Tempore 5000 was fixed, with all of its former glory still intact.

However as Boudicca was relating her stories, the legions of romans had crept up the valley and were making for the ragged remnants of the Iceni camp. As they saw me remove the sheet with a dramatic flourish, they charged, seeing it as a sign of helpless surrender. They had us surrounded, closing in on the pair of us like starved lions, hungry for flesh and looking as fearsome as the lethal swords in their hands. I sprinted towards the Tempore 5000, throwing open the door, and turning in time to see Boudicca uncork and scarlet glass bottle with her teeth, and tip the deadly contents down her throat. The poison worked instantaneously. Through the curved windows of my machine, I saw the embers of her life flit away; as cold as an extinguished fire. And as the romans turned on me, my machine zipped me away to safety. Leaving my salty tears as a cruel reminder of what I had lost, and what was left to come on the treacherous route to the future.

I hope you liked it! Please leave a comment to let me know if ya liked it! Feel free to like, comment and subscribe, it really brightens my day seeing what you guys think about my blog!




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