Disco Hand!!!!!

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

Have you ever been going to a disco or party and thought “Ya know what, my hand looks a little bit boring!”

Well lucky for you because I have come up with a failproof way to achieve hand decoration perfection!

Let me introduce DISCO HANDS!!!!

So yeah this is how to make your hands look as fab as mine!

  1.  Collect together as many different coloured eyeshadows as you can possibly find, an reasonably fine brush and some make-up remover wipes (just in case you smudge it)  IMG_1839 (1)
  2.  It’s way easier if you have the eyeshadows split into 4 but if you don’t then just do the best you can!
  3.  Starting with the lightest colour on your palette of 4, create a small square of colour under the knuckle of your pinkie. It doesn’t have to be Picasso standard (mine certainly weren’t!) and it can look quite good a little bit messy!
  4.  Repeat the previous step with the next darkest colour on your palette (like a gradation of tone) under your ring finger.
  5.  Repeat step three, until you have lined up all the colours on your palette of 4 across your hand with the lightest colour under the pinkie, and the darkest colour under your index finger.
  6.  Choose your next palette of 4  (use different colours) and do the same again under the previous line.
  7. Repeat the pattern until you reach your wrist, or run out of eyeshadow.
  8. Voila! Snazzy hands are all yours!
The final result
The final result

If you do try this little DIY (either for a party or just if you are bored) please leave a pic in the comments of this post!

I want to hear from you guys, what sort of post do you want to do next e.g. make-up, hair, skin/hair products, clothes, shoes, room DIY’S, baking or anything else!!!




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